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Friday, September 18, 2009

FRIDAY!! Sept 18. Get ready Hillbillies- here we come.

Check out the Afilliate Page to see our name and our MK scaling a big ol' rock!!! Very cool sistah!!!!

Up with skinny sleep. egg, nuts

WOD: Holy smokes: 25 burps, run 400, 25 DB CNJ's @ 35lbs each side, ROW 1000!!!!!, 25 CNJs, run 400, 25 burps. NAAAASTY BEEEEYOTCH. I had the distinct pleasure of doing this SOLO. THANKS A LOT 6AM :)

I am sore thru the core today. Headed up to my mother's today- GAME tomorrow.

GO GATORS!!! Beat the HILLBILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

break- eggs, cooked vegs, nuts

lunch- chicken, red pepper, avocado, nuts

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  1. Sorry you were solo but Fridays are CrossFit Happy Hour! You will forget about a shitty triple mod much faster when you are recovering with a beer in hand.