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Monday, October 12, 2009

It is Monday AGAIN. Oct 12

Up with decent sleep. IF today.

WOD: Helen: 3 rds: run 400, 21 KBS @ 24, 12 pull ups. 11:30. Missed my last time by 9 sec. I know there were opportunities in the last round that I could have tightened up, but dang- it didn't seem like it while I was fighting thru it! Extra: Presses: 5x5: 80-80-85-85-85. Prolly going back in tonight for some T2Bs. HOLLAH to KB, Pink, Doug for doing great this am! And WELCOME GINA B :) 6AM is getting the swaggah back......and to MK for her 210 PR BSquat~ NICE girl!!

So we finished up the first batch of gf burgers from MK with some omelets for break- one day was gf hb, homemade marinara, and lil bit of parm cheese (Paleo cheat); day 2 of the omelets was cheeseburger omelet- the beef, and a sprinkling of lf shredded cheese (Paleo cheat) with onion and shrooms....SO GOOD. No recipe needed- use your stomach and eyeballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a great weekend, complete with a LARGE Gator victory. Eating was pretty good, went over on Sat, but kept it pretty clean- loose IF Sunday- lots of football and my man~ heaven I tell you.

Bummed that I will miss a few days with the crew this week, due to work travel. I am out Wed and Thurs. I am headed to a 'Team Meeting' with my fellow FL sales team and my boss...we are all fishing together on Wed which I should be~ (read: AM) excited about :)

IF 17.5 today. Now comes the fun part.

meal 1- glory! 1 hb egg, chicken, spinach salad w/ red pepper, a cuke, avocado, walnuts.
4-1-12 aaaaahhhhh

snack @ 330- chicken and nuts

back ot the gym for cfe with Pauly. 8x200m; 1 min rest. Kept my times @ :40-:41, until the last one, :42! Got my 50 T2Bs in als. I am doubling up since I am gone this week, but I did print off a bunch of travel WODs, so all set there :)

big din! over about an hour~ good times at the Markle House for sure :)
chicken, eggplant, spinach, avocado, nuts, daaark choc.
5-2-25 not exactly all at once

10-3-41 will add an eggy


  1. I'm totally stealing your "get some" phrase....and raising you a "woot!" Great to workout w you this morn!

  2. Still need to perfect that fasting business! It is killer! Literally. Fishing trip equals some good protein. See you bright and early AGAIN tomorrow - AM from here on out!

  3. Nice work today girl. Thanks for the love on the blogg. See you in the AM!! One more day and then you off :(